How to Maximize Your Air Conditioner\’s Settings

If you live in a area that is too hot and you are not satisfied with your Air Conditioner’s working, you have only two options; one to maximize the settings of your air conditioner while the second is to buy a bigger one. However, buying a bigger air conditioner can be expensive and taking the maximum benefit of the current one is not a bad idea. There are simple ways with the help of which you can maximize the life of your air conditioner and enjoyed ultimate output.


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    If your air conditioner is not chilling the room properly, you must get it checked from a technician. Ask him to examine your air conditioner and identify the root cause of low cooling. This will save you a lot of cost and trouble and you might be able to enhance the performance of your air conditioner as in most cases only tuning and service is required.

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    To enhance the life of your air conditioner, you should clean its filters at the end of each month. Note that, dirty filters can have a bad impact on the machinery and they also restrict the flow of air.

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    Make sure that nothing is halting the way of air flow. In some cases, people often place plants in front of the air conditioner; you must make sure that plants are not halting the way of air.

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    Do not forget to clean the coil of your air conditioners. For this, you can once again seek help of the technician or use help line of the manufacturing firm.

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    Some people place the outdoor of the air conditioner and underestimate the need to care of it. You must keep your outdoor in a covered area, making sure it is kept safe. You should also try not to expose the outdoor to the sun and keep it in a separate place.

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    Hold your remote and set the temperature of your conditioner to its minimum level.

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    People often make the mistake of continuously running fans of their air conditioners. You must set it on ‘auto’ through your remote as it is not necessary to run it all the time.

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    Make sure that there is no air leak in your room, if there is any; you must have that leak filled.

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    You need not to keep your lights on all the time, turn off the light that you do not need.

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