How To Change Tanning Bed Lamps

A lot of people tan themselves, both naturally and artificially, in order to look more attractive and beautiful. A tan can surely help you look different and improve your skin complexion. On top of that, you can refresh yourself mentally and physically by laying outside on a nice beach and spend time with your friends and family. However, life in the modern world is extremely demanding and everybody cannot afford to take time out of his/her busy routine and tan.

While modern technology has made our lives extremely easy in various aspects, it has also contributed to the field of skin conditioning. There are different tanning beds available in markets, which allow you to tan your skin faster, without having to take too much time out of your routine and going to a beach. You can switch on the tanning bed, lay on it for some time and enjoy a tan.

Tanning in the bed is mostly quite effective, but if it seems to be losing power then it may be time to change the lamps. You should change the lamps once they have exceeded 80 percent of their life expectancy. Regular replacements will ensure that your tanning bed works optimally.


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    Get details for your model

    Before buying new lamps, you should note down the make, model and year of your tanning bed. Main sizes for tanning bed lamps are F71, F72 and F73, so you need to write down the exact size and wattage of the lamps. This will make shopping for the lamps much more convenient.

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    Buy bulbs in bulk

    It is recommended that you purchase bulbs in bulk, which will help you save money and time. Before you buy the lamps, do proper research. You can go online, visit Ebay and other sites, to make sure that you have an idea about the prices. However, the best thing to do is to go to the store where you bought your tanning bed.

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    Install new lamps

    Before you replace the bulbs, clean the bed and its acrylics thoroughly and also make sure that the cooling fans are working properly. Removing the old/expired lamps and installing the new ones is quite easy and a simple process. You can do this yourself but it is preferable if you contact a tanning bed expert, who can get the job done for you.

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