How to Install a Cordless Switch

A cordless switch is the one that operates the objects remotely at a distance. It is with this switch that you can do anything when you are currently sitting somewhere else like turning off your desktop.
A remote switch is not less then a magic switch and works by emitting and receiving radio frequency waves that can operate in the range of approximately 50 feet through its transmitter. This is a very simple to install and requires no extra skill. So in order to learn how to install a cordless switch on your own follow the guide given below:

Things Required:

– Cordless switch pack
– Screwdriver


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    Checking the channels:

    In order to install the cordless switch, make sure that the channels are appropriately set to avoid any interference.

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    Now just before inserting the cordless switch into the switch board, check to see whether its functioning properly or not. In order to perform testing procedure, plug in your table lamp into the receiving component. As you plug in the lamp, it should turn on.

    Now identify the point where you want to install it and check to see whether it falls within the range of the cordless switch or not. For this bring the switch near to the place where you want to install in on and if its still working then it means that cordless switch is not out of range. Otherwise if it fails to operate in the permitted range, put it somewhere else until you spot the right point.

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    After identifying the right place for installing the switch, it’s time to actually install it. Now with the help of screw driver we will first groove in the outer plate on the wall by taking it off from the switch cover and then finally screw in the switch with the help of  a screw driver.

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