How to Light Your Gas Fireplace

Lighting a gas fireplace is a very simple thing to do. It is a job you can do in just a few minutes. Sometimes, the pilot light will not work because of a fault and disruption in the gas flow. You should follow the suggested safety precautions to keep yourself and possessions safe from any danger. If you are confident, you can light the fireplace yourself or consider calling an expert who can do the work for you for a reasonable price. Once you light the pilot light, you will need to restart it every time the light goes out.


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    Consider taking the glass cover off the fireplace to keep it safe from the fire. Use a screwdriver to remove the metal louver right under the fireplace. Now find the gas supply valve right next to the fireplace and open the valve manually so the handle is running parallel with the gas pipe.

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    Locate the pilot light inside the fireplace. This is usually positioned behind the fireplace logs in the centre. Find the red ignition button right under the valve control unit. Once you have done that, consider turning the control dial on the valve control unit to the Pilot position. You will be required to push in on the dial to turn to the pilot position. Now consider holding in the dial while pushing in on the red button. Continue to push in the ignition button until the pilot lights.

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    You will also need to verify if the pilot light stays lit. This can be done by holding the control light for at least 20 seconds while slowing taking your hand off it. Let the pilot light run for a minute. Press in on the control dial and turn it to the ON point and then release the dial.

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    Find the fireplace On / Off switch on the wall. Turn the switch to the On position. Now put the fireplace together by attaching the metal louver with the screws and putting the glass cover back over the front of the fireplace. For lighting your fireplace during an outage, consider consulting your manufacturer for more information. Check with the vendor if its recommended to manually light the model you posses.

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