How to Stream Netflix Movies and TV on an HDTV

Netflix streaming video is a recent attribute that you can get using your gaming console, computer, digital video player, TiVo DVR or Internet connected Blu ray player or HDTV. With the help of a Netflix supported device, you can watch Netflix movies and TV with much comfort and ease. However, in a few cases you might not be able to stream Netflix shows in high definition. On the other hand, you can utilise your laptop to see Netflix movies if you put in some time and effort. In order to stream Netflix movies and TV, you will need to subscribe to a Netflix unlimited package.


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    Watch movies on an HDTV with a Roku digital video player

    The easiest way to watch Netflix movies and TV on an HDTV is done with the help of a Roku digital video player. Roku HD or HD XR digital video will provide you with a top quality video. Just sync the Roku player with your TV. After that, connect it to the wireless or wired router or link it to your broadband modem, provided that the modem bears the feature.

    In order to stream normal definition Netflix movies and TV, you will require a broadband high speed Internet connection with at least a speed of 1.2 Mbps. Moreover, to see it in HD, you will need a connection of at least 5 Mbps. Once you are synced, you only have to visit the Netflix website to activate the Roku device.

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    See Netflix movies and TV with a TiVo DVR

    There is another simple way to watch Netflix movies and TV on an HDTV with the aid of a TiVo DVR. You will require a TiVo HD, HD XL or Series 3 DVR. Moreover, you will also need to have a good Internet connection and a TiVo service plan. Remember to activate your TiVo DVR on the Netflix account. Go to TiVo Central by clicking the “TiVo” button on the remote control. Choose the “Video on Demand,” option and then select “Netflix.”

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    Stream Netflix movies and TV with a laptop or computer

    You could watch movies and TV on a desktop computer or a laptop depending on your choice. This is a bit complex than the Netflix ready device, but not that hard. You don’t require a high speed Internet connection, but with a mediocre DSL or cable connection your audio and video might not be ideal.

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