How to Prevent Glare From Your T.V

Modern LCD, LED and plasmas produce way better images than the older tube-based televisions. Technology has taken TV watching to an entirely different level. However, a few simple problems remain. No matter how modern television you have, it may suffer from screen glare especially when facing direct sunlight.

The simplest solution is to place the room in a dark room. But what would you place in the TV lounge then? Another trick is to remove all the lighting sources from the room. There is no need to build a new pitch-dark room for your TV, as preventing glare is not one of the impossible things.

Things required:

– Anti-glare cover


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    First of all, try to place your TV at a place where it does not face any direct sunlight. If it is not possible, change the angle, making sure that the television is not facing the window directly. Try to minimise the amount of direct sunlight in your room by trying blinders or curtains.

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    If you are using light-coloured blinders, quickly replace them with the darker ones. It is a good idea to keep the window closed during the day time, so the sun does not enter the room.

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    Don’t place lamps or other lighting sources near the television. The idea is to keep as less light as possible light in front of the screen. You can fix your lamps right on the top of the screen or at the back. If you must use light right in front of the display, try to keep it at a certain angles.

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    Another simple trick is placing the TV set inside a rack or an entertainment cabin. The walls and shelves of the cabin should be slightly bigger than the size of your TV, so no light hits the screen directly. It is however not one of the highly recommended steps, because your screen may look really awkward inside the cabin.

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    Visit the electronics market, and look for the glare guard or cover for your TV set. You can also contact the manufacturer, and ask whether they have prepared any special glare guard for your particular TV model. These glare guards are made of transparent plastic, and fit right over the screen.

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