How to Interview Book keepers

You are handed a job to interview a bookkeeper and you have no idea what to do. It is a hardcore finance job and you have to understand some sort of finance before you can go through with the interview process. You might be a Human Resource specialist but understanding the depth of the job description is important for you to make sure that you screen out all the non-deserving candidates before the list is forwarded to the department head.

The screening interview is usually taken by the human resource representative. They are required to get the bio data of the candidate of the attitude but their job is to access the basic knowledge of the candidate as well which requires a lot of knowledge about finance if you are going to hire a bookkeeper. Accounting is something that is not understood by a lot of people on the planet mainly because it is conceptual and requires you to learn few techniques that can be used in handling the accounting data of the firm. Moreover, there are two types of bookkeepers that you might be looking for: one is the standard bookkeeper whilst the other type is an advanced bookkeeper.


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    After acquiring the know-how of the candidate and his bio data, you can start with a question that is the basis of accounting; a difference between an asset and a liability.

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    The second question should cater the concept of journal entry. Journal entries are the record of accounting information of all business transactions.

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    You can go on by asking about accounts receivables. These are the debtors of the firm that still owe some cash because they bought some goods or received services on credit.

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    Similarly, the next question is easy to guess. You can ask about the accounts payables. It is the opposite of what is discussed in the previous step. It is the amount of money that the firm is due to pay in a year because they bought raw materials from the suppliers on credit.

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    You can go on by asking the difference between the Profit and Loss account and the Balance Sheet. Profit and Loss account is the measure of company for a period of one year whilst Balance Sheet shows the financial position of the firm since its inception.

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