How to Invite People to like Something

We invite people to all kinds of activities. For a common person, this is generally to an event or for a lunch or dinner. There are people who do it casually over the phone or just drop by and let you know about where and when to come. Other are more formal in nature and prepare hand written or even printed invitations with the required details. More technologically proficient people use emails and faxes.

The whole purpose is to send out an invite and all the above mentioned ways are methods to achieve just that. However, some people give invitations of a different kind that may be of monetary benefit for them.

Some people invite others to like something, be it a product or service or a combination of both. It can be something completely non–tangible like a cause. It’s an art and not an easy one to master. One can, however, do a reasonable job by following some simple tricks of the trade.


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    Like What You Have

    For you to invite others to like what you have in hand, you must first absolutely be certain that you like it yourself. You cannot convince others if you yourself are not convinced about something. So be sure that this invite is only sent once you are familiar and like it yourself whatever you are promoting.

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    A Demonstration

    Once you are certain that you have positive feelings about the given matter in hand, you can arrange for a demonstration. You or a professional demonstrator can do it physically, be it a product or service or you can demonstrate the usefulness and going by the classical sales promotion approach make people understand how colourless their lives are without it. It’s a strong way of communicating your message and if you can do so effectively, people will like what they see.

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    Social Media

    Everyone these days has an account on some social networking website. Invite people to like your things on these websites. You can make a fan page that contains information and send invites to your friends. They can further recruit their friends to the page and the process starts like a chain reaction. A well made page with a catch outlook can be an instant hit and can get you a long way forward in your attempt to promote.

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