How to Join a Community in LiveJournal

A community in LiveJournal is a group of members who post about a theme or topic of common interest – this is a great way to link up with like-minded people, and share your own opinions and ideas. Join a community in LiveJournal in order to read comments and entries posted by community members, and make community-wide posts of your own.


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    First of all, you need to login to your account. If you do not have an account on LiveJournal, then you can click the “Signup for LiveJournal Now: It’s fast, fun, and free!” button present at the top of the main page and fill in the required information to complete the registration.

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    Once you are logged in, you can search for communities by looking for topics of your interest at LiveJournal. To look for the pages, you can hover your mouse over the “Explore” tab and select the option you like, such as "Search by Interest", "Search by School", "Ratings", etc.

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    You can also consider searching for a community directly. LiveJournal has a general community directory that lists all of the communities available, as well as a school directory where you can search for communities exclusively at your school.

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    Post a comment on LiveJournal’s community quest page to see if a community exists for your topic of interest or not.

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    You can also log onto a community’s info page that you want to join. Once you find a community you want to join, click on the name of the community, underlined and in blue font, which links to the community’s info page.

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    Click the “To join this community, click here” link at the top of the community’s info page. One possibility is that you will open a page letting you join right away; in that case you will instantly have access to the privileges of the community. You may, however, have to be approved by the community maintainer, delaying your access until they’ve had a chance to approve you.

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    Accept an invitation from a LiveJournal community. Various LiveJournal communities may send you invitations from the community moderator. Different communities have different procedures for accepting an invitation.

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