How to Join a Drug Trial for Emphysema

Emphysema is a long-term and a very severe lung disease in which the tissues which help to support the functioning of lungs are destroyed. The scientists and biologists include this in the list of diseases which are commonly known as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). The people suffering from this disease face problems in exhalation because their lungs don’t function properly.

Tobacco smoking and extreme exposure to air pollution are considered to be the most common causes of Emphysema. There are many ways with which you can cure and overcome this disease. One of the most convenient and effective ways is to join a drug trial for Emphysema.


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    First of all, you must visit a nearby hospital or clinic so as to find out whether you really have Emphysema or not. You may have to go through some rigorous biological testing procedure so as to find out whether you are suffering from this disease or not.

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    After finding out your physical condition, you have to select the state or county in which you want to join the drug trial. The drug trials are usually conducted in almost every state so as to cure the patients from Emphysema. However, you must know that in some states, the drug trials are more effective as compared to others.

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    Then, you have to make a list of all the drug trial programmes which are going to be held in a particular state. It is very important for you to include all the drug trial programmes in your list so that you may be able to select the most suitable one for yourself.

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    You should shortlist the programmes which suit your requirements the most. You can use different measures for short-listing e.g. who is the doctor in the programme, how long the programme is going to be and which kind of treatments are going to be offered on trial.

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    One of the most successful drug trials for Emphysema is held in Houston. If you want to participate in this programme, you will have to fulfil some basic requirements. In order to be eligible for the trial you must be age forty-five or older, have a history of smoking more than ten packs per year, have not smoked for the past twelve months and have been diagnosed with emphysema by a CT scan.

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