How to Keep Bees from Bothering You

No matter how much we get annoyed with bees, they are an essential part of the Eco system. They pollinate vegetables, flowers and fruit trees. If there were no bees, there will be no delicious honey. Sometimes when you are sitting and bathing in the sun, bees can be disturbing and do not let you relax. Many people are allergic to bees and it can be very deadly for them. Do not try to smash a bee as you are more likely to get attacked after that.


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    Dos and dont's of clothes

    In order to keep bees away, clothes should be of light color: white or tan. Clothes that have flowery prints or are bright in color will attract more. Also don’t wear dark colored clothes or socks. The color red also appears as black to bees so leave that too. They are also attracted to shiny jewelry, fur or leather. As bears are their enemies and they are of a dark color, they relate dark colors to them.

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    Avoid body scents

    If you know you will be spending some time outside, avoid outing on strong smells as bees get attracted to them. Do not use flowery scents, sweet soaps or lotions as their smells are strong.

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    Eating outside

    Before you decide to have picnic outside, it is advisable to identify bee nests in the ground. They will usually be found in sunny and dry areas. Make sure you do not set up the table close to their nests as they get disturbed by noise and are more likely to come after you. Do not put all the food on the table until it’s time to eat. Keep the food in covered dishes or foil so that the smell doesn't invite bees. Desserts attract them a lot so they should be put in closed air tight containers. As soon as you are done with the meal, clean the table and take the food inside. Also dispose off the trash properly.

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    When you are sitting outside and sipping a drink, you are very likely to be targeted by bees. Keep your drinks in containers or glasses which have lids. Seals and lids will protect the drink and you. If the glasses are uncovered, the bees will want to get near the sugary drink.

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