How to Know When to Go to the Hospital When Pregnant

Women often face the difficulty of not knowing when to go to the hospital when they are pregnant and this often results in too frequent tours to the hospital or the lack of necessary visits. However, a person should always tries to maintain the balance between two and visit the hospital when it is necessary as it not only saves you the headache and effort, but helps you cut down your expenses as well. It is best for the safety of mother and her child that she should go to the hospital in time.


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    Check for fluid leakages

    The confirm sign of when a woman needs to go to the hospital is the time when water breaks. It is strongly advised that you should get to the hospital as soon as your water breaks; otherwise, you will suffer severe pain. You should directly go to the labour unit as they will examine if the water breakage was natural or is it because of the stress or any other incident. For this, they will run a few tests on you and then determine if you should be taken into the labour room or not.

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    Observe contractions

    Contractions can be very painful especially if they start happening on a frequent basis. If you have been suffering from serious contractions before the 37th week of your pregnancy, you should try to keep track of all of them and immediately head to the hospital and discuss it with your doctor.

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    Keep track of baby’s kicks

    You should also try to keep a count of the kicks that you have received from your baby. Try to note them down at the end of every day and make special observation when the number of kicks increases. Subsequently, you should head to your doctor with the relevant information and he/she might give you a potential date to get admitted.

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    Watch out for bleeding

    If you have been bleeding in your second or third trimesters, it is strongly advised that you should not waste any time and go to your doctor, as this can be a very serious issue.

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    Take note of illness

    During pregnancy, back pain and illness is a common thing. However, if both of these have exceeded your tolerance limit, you must pay a visit to your doctor and share it with him/her.

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