How to Lay Bricks in a Running Bond

It is important to choose the right pattern to follow when laying bricks in a running bond. Though it is easy to arrange the pattern as to how many cuts you will make to lay bricks in a running bond. Bricks usually are butted to end joints in the middle brick of the very next brick which will come to fill the gap. This process is done repeatedly until the desired height or width is achieved. If you want to lay bricks in a running bond then follow these simple techniques.


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    Running bond

    Before you lay bricks in a running bond, you first need to know in detail that what actually a running bond is. Not going into details, the running bond is also known as brickwork. Take help from any picture and see how brickwork is done with correct and beautiful patterns. In a running bond, each brick is installed to another brick with right pattern. In a running bond, you will also not need any extra cutting at each end of the brick joints. Talking about patterns which look more beautiful nowadays as you lay bricks in a running bond, you can choose a variety of patterns ranging from basket weave to herringbone. It is also important that whatever the design or style you choose, you must know the right way of doing it.

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    Laying out the path

    Laying out the path first is very important as this will determine the pattern of bricks. Take a long stretched string between stakes and use marks that will give a good impression that the path is installed in the correct manner. You may want to get some help from a friend or family member when laying out the path that you like.

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    Digging 6-inch-deep and 3½-foot-wide trench

    After digging a 6-inch-deep by 3½-foot-wide trench, now lay and install a brick stone patio walk. You need to know that with the help of temporary border on each side of the path will make it easy to attach the bricks with same pattern you choose earlier.

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    Lay out the bricks

    After completing the whole procedure of laying out the path and digging six inch deep and 3/1/2 foot wide trench, now start laying out the bricks with the right pattern. Remember to take your time and lay out each brick carefully so that it fits properly and that there are no gaps between the joints.

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