How to Save a Dead Houseplant

Growing plants at home is something most people do. This is because growing these plants gives them a purpose and meaning.

However, growing plants indoors is no joke and usually requires a lot more hard work then one would like to imagine. This is because you have to take extra care of the plant and make sure it gets its nutrition.

Most of the time, these indoor plants tend to die out. This leads to a number of problems, mainly because no one wants to see their plant die.

Nonetheless not all hope should be lost just yet, since there are ways to potentially bring back a plant that many felt was dead.


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    The first thing you need to do, is to inspect the plant. You need to go in deep and get a very up close and personal look at the plant.

    You need to first look at all the exposed areas and see if there is any visible plant parts left that could potentially help it grow again. At the same time, snip away at the brown parts that are dead for sure.

    Now repeat this process for the roots, only after you dig the plant out. Make sure to get rid of all the roots that are completely dead.

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    Re-pot and water

    Now after having gone through all of those scientific procedures to try and save your plant, the next step is to re-pot it.

    The plant might not accept its old pot again, so find a new one and try to get the plant to adopt to its new hope.

    Put it in the pot and give it ample soil, so that it feels comfortable. At the same time, add some water so that it has all the things it could possible need.

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    Place in sun and regulate temperature

    Now take the plant and place it in the sun. Plants like to be placed in the sun and this might make it want to start growing again, just so it could spend more time in the sun.

    Also look to try and regulate the temperature of the potted plant. Plants don’t like very hot or very cold temperatures, so try and make sure that the temperature of the area where the plant is located in is just right, or you could witness the same plant die twice.

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