How to Learn the Urdu Alphabet

Urdu is a popular language in Southeast Asia or the subcontinent. It is the first official language of Pakistan and five Indian states. It is read from right to left unlike English and its alphabets are developed from Persian, Arabic and Turkic languages over period of several years. It also has roots of Sanskrit and its estimated speakers are around 500 million. It may seem difficult but you can learn it easily over a period of few weeks yourself. You should not quit learning and be patient during the process.


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    Familiarize yourself with this language

    First of all you need to know the shapes and pronunciation of alphabets of Urdu. You can listen it on YouTube or can even read Hugo’s Urdu Alphabet Pages. In addition to this, search it on Google or any other search engine and find a website which teaches Urdu.

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    Get the Urdu alphabet chart

    Next you can get the Urdu alphabet chart which has both Urdu characters and their names in Roman alphabet. You can get it from Wikipedia and print it out. Place the chart on your desk or past on the wall so you can read whenever you want.

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    Detailed notes of Urdu alphabet

    Next you need to know how to be familiar with and pronounce each alphabet. Search a site where you can get detailed notes about the Urdu characters. is a site where you can find articles about detailed Urdu alphabets.

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    Memorize it

    You should write down the alphabets and say each letter with proper sounds along with it. This will help you memorize the Urdu alphabets. You can always use U-Trans in order to assist you in memorization.

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    Get Urdu text

    Find some Urdu text and try to read it. You should try pronouncing the words even if you fail to understand it. It may take a lot of time initially but soon your skills of reading Urdu will improve.

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    You can make flashcards of Urdu alphabets on one side. Write the English pronunciation on the back side. Then practice speaking these alphabets aloud.

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