How to Learn Vocabulary Words Fast

Memorizing vocabulary words is the most important part in the study of any foreign language. By using various techniques, you can easily and quickly learn new words. You can speed up the process by using some of the creative techniques used in training.

Increasing vocabulary is a necessary requirement for any linguist, philologist, editor, or anyone who has a direct relationship with any particular language. Memorizing words is the first task for any personĀ  studying any foreign language.

Unfortunately, despite the development of technology and science in general, mankind has not yet developed a fast and reliable method for memorizing vocabulary words – ultimately it depends on how fast your mind can grasp these words. You need to memorize a lot of new words while learning a foreign language in addition to the rules. This can be done in different ways.

Things Required:

– Cardboard
– Blank paper
– Pen/color pencils
– Books, magazines and newspapers
– Internet


  • 1

    Single out a time slot in your daily schedule during which you will engage yourself in memorizing words. Try to memorize vocabulary words in the morning, as the brain processes information faster in the early hours of the morning.

  • 2

    Cut out rectangular shaped cards from a cardboard and fill them with dictionary words. On one side, write the word you want to learn, and write its translation on the other side. For greater clarity, draw an image of the object on the card. This will definitely increase the efficiency, and help you learn the vocabulary words faster.

  • 3

    Get yourself a helper, a close relative with whom you live or who lives nearby. Ask them to name words that are written on the cards and try to translate them in front of him/her. This method is more suitable for those who are more receptive to information through the ear.

  • 4

    Write the same word on a blank paper a few times, because some people can learn and memorize words faster when certain actions are repeated again and again. Use color pencils or pens for this purpose. Try to say the words out loud while or after writing.

  • 5

    Read books, magazines and newspapers in the foreign language you are studying, because reading can certainly increase your vocabulary. Pay attention to the context in which a particular word has been used, as this will help you remember it.

  • 6

    Download audio files from the Internet in the language that you are studying at the moment. Upload them to your mp3 player or iPod, and try to copy their pronunciation by listening to them frequently.

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