How to Live with an Allergy to Sulfites

Sulfites, first discovered by Germans, is one among the useful preservatives and is therefore used in the preparation of many many alcoholic and other drinks. Moreover, it is now used in numerous food items in order to control the spoilage process and to prevent the color of fruits and vegetable slices turning brown etc. Besides being useful in various ways, it is rare for many people to be allergic to sulfites. As a result, it can cause some serious allergic-like symptoms, including the underlying allergic rhinitis and asthma etc. And the most common reactions can be tight chest, cough and wheezing etc. Therefore, it is better to take care of the allergy to sulfites in order to avoid its severe and irritating outcomes.


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    Food and Drinks Containing Sulfites

    There are some food items that contain sulfites. For Example, food items containing potassium metabisulfite, Sodium metabisulfite, Sodium Sulphite, Sulphur Dioxide, Potassium Bisulfite etc. All you have to do is, cut down the intake of the items containing these elements as much as you can. Given below is the list of the items:
    - Bakery goods
    - Soup mixes
    - Jams
    - Canned vegetables
    - Pickled foods and vinegar
    - Gravies- Dried fruit
    - Potato crisps
    - Beer, wine and cider
    - Vegetable juices
    - Sparkling grape juice
    - Bottled lemon juice and lime juice
    - Tea- Molasses
    - Fresh or frozen prawns
    - Guacamole
    - Maraschino cherries
    - Dehydrated -  pre-cut or peeled potatoes

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    Dry Fruits

    Usually dried fruits contain portion of sulfites as a preservative. Therefore, check out the packaging of the dried fruits carefully and prefer to buy the ones dried through natural process.

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    Be Careful while Dining Out

    Many of the restaurants use sulfites in the making of various salads and potatoes items in order to prevent the color-changing process. Make sure to check out with the management of the restaurant while dining out.

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    Prefer Organic Fruits and Vegetables

    Always buy organic fruits and vegetables. Prefer to buy from the loyal seller, who offers sulphite-free products.

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    Carry you Asthma's Inhaler

    The patients of asthma are very sensitive to an allergy to sulfites. Therefore, if you are an asthmatic patient, then do not forget to carry your inhaler with you so that you can treat the situation on time.

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    Vitamin C Helps

    Increase the intake of the food items that are rich sources of vitamin C as it helps in strengthening you immune system. As a result, you will be able to resist an allergy to sulfites.

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    Drink Plenty of  Water

    Drink as much water as you can as it is the best natural solvent and therefore helps in flushing out the sulfites from your body.

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