How to Lose 5 Pounds in 1 Week

Fat is bad, and that is universal.

Imagine you want to go on a date in a weeks’ time and all of a sudden you panic about your weight. All you would want to do at that time is to find a quick method to remove the extra flab, and would probably go on dieting. But it is now an established fact that excessive dieting does more harm to your body than good, and should be avoided. What to do then? Is it all over for you?

The answer is a big NO. There are still a lot of ways through which any person can torch a lot of fats in just a week, and can do so by ensuring that he/she is getting all the essential nutrients. The important thing is that you make a one week regime, in which you combine small sacrifices with some exercises, and you can actually lose 5 pounds quite easily. You can actually lose a lot more, but then the intensity of the exercises will have to be pushed up a notch.


  • 1

    Say Goodbye to energy drinks, use water

    It is a common habit to consume energy drinks and fruit juices after workouts, but what we do not realise is that these drinks contain decent amount of calories. Rather than consuming calories in this form is better to have them in the form of food. But since our objective is to lose weight, it is better to consume plain water, which doesn’t have any calories, carbohydrates and sodium. It is also helps in keeping the stomach filled.

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    Cardio workouts are a go

    Do exercises which increase your heart pumping rate, spinning, cardio kickboxing, etc. Half hour of this form of workout is good enough to burn upto 300 calories.

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    Say no to white grain products

    White rice, bread, pasta, spaghetti and other white grain food has to be banned for the week. The reason is carbohydrates, consumption of which will literally destroy your efforts to losing flab. Instead of consuming the above mentioned food, turn to fruits and vegetables. You can also introduce a lot of protein rich foods in your diet.

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    Introduce jogging and mild exercises into your routine

    Make sure that you have daily jog, at least for half an hour. Also try to do push-ups and lunges as the two exercise target the upper and lower part of your body respectively. If you are not able to do the push-ups properly you can always use a support for the legs.

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