How to Lose Weight While You Sleep

Weight loss is one of the most important discussions these days. With all the unhealthy foods that are on offer, it is natural that people are overweight and want to get back in shape. It is something that can be done by improving diet, lifestyles and with better fitness routines. Some people actually want to lose weight as they sleep.

Many find it funny but there are ways which can help a person lose weight as they sleep. It is strange but if you follow the right routine, you can certainly add to your weight loss efforts even during the time your body is resting.


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    Sleeping well is the first step to a better health and is necessary for weight loss. It allows the organs in the body to work properly. Research has also shown that in case that a person does not sleep well enough, food cravings take place due to certain secretions that take place in the body. Doctors recommend that each person should sleep for at least eight hours a day.

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    Weight Training

    Weight training is a great way of losing weight. It not only helps in burning calories but also increases the rate of metabolism. This helps the body to burn fat at a greater rate even hours after the weight training has been done. This process continues even after a person has slept.

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    Exercise Prior to Sleep

    Light exercise prior to sleep is also a great way to keep your metabolic rate high as you sleep. This will help your body to burn calories at an increased rate while you sleep and you will be losing weight as well. Do make sure that the workout is not too intense since research has shown that workouts can take away sleep and it can be hours before you feel the need to get some shut eye.

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    Stay Cold

    This may be a touch uncomfortable for most people but it is very effective. Increase the cooling in the night and don't use a blanket. The body will naturally work harder to keep itself warm and a greater number of calories will be utilised during the process. Do make sure that you do not freeze yourself in the process though.

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