How to Lose Weight with a Fitness Ball

When you are struggling to follow a tough fitness routine to lose weight, the best way is to take up an exercise which will keep you interested and be fun at the same time. Fitness Ball is one such tool that can be extremely helpful in this regard.

A fitness ball helps you lose fat around the waist and the hips which is at times the most difficult to get rid.


  • 1

    Plan your exercise schedule

    It is best advised that you first asses your current fitness level to determine what type of a training routine will help you in the best possible way. It depends entirely on you to make this evaluation and then use the fitness ball to your advantage.

  • 2

    Plan your diet

    Take a look at your daily diet and see if changes need to be introduced in order to gain or lose some weight.

  • 3

    Identify the muscles

    It is imperative that you first identify the muscles that need some toning before taking up this exercise.

  • 4

    Cardiovascular exercise

    A warm-up is the starting point for any exercise. It is recommended to follow a restrict routine of cardiovascular exercise before using the fitness ball, as it will help you in warming up before beginning the real hard work.

  • 5

    Target the exact parts with the ball

    While using the fitness ball, target the exact parts of your body that need this exercise. If you are aiming to tone the hips but put pressure on the stomach instead, then this exercise will be of no good to your hips. Fitness balls are used to work particularly abdominal and back muscles.

  • 6

    Increase the difficulty level

    Gradually increase the difficulty level of your exercise by adding weights, increasing the number of repetitions or the number of sets in order to achieve the required goals. As your training sessions become more difficult you will burn more calories.

  • 7

    Give your body time to recuperate

    It is suggested that you take at least one day off every week in order to give your body time to recuperate, which is very important to avoid injuries to the muscles, or you can divide days for particular muscle exercises in order to give the muscles the time needed to heal.

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