How to Love Yourself Spiritually

In an effort to make others happy, the person who is neglected most of the times, is your own self. We all work extremely hard in our lives to gain financial freedom; however, we tend to forget that we cannot attain peace of mind until or unless we are spiritually happy. If you want to lead a healthy and positive life, you must learn to love and respect yourself spiritually. If you do not love and respect your own existence, others will take you for granted as well.


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    Pray regularly & be faithful

    In order to enhance your spirituality, it is imperative for you to build a strong connection with God. You are most likely to be internally happy if you believe that whatever happens in this world is a result of your creator’s will.

    If you have complete faith in God, you will respect the fact that God has created you and you are worth loving. Therefore, before expecting others to love you, you must love your own self.

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    Give yourself credit for your achievements

    While looking to gain more and more in life, we often tend to give ourselves less credit for our achievements. It is always good to be humble and down to earth; however, not accepting credit for your hard work is not the right approach. Be proud of what you are in your professional as well as personal life. However, you must keep in mind that there is a narrow difference between being proud and being arrogant.

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    Be natural

    It is natural to idolise others and follow them, but you must ensure that you do not lose your individuality. Every single human looks and behaves differently compared to others. Your individuality makes you beautiful and special; hence, be true to who you are and uphold your principles.

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    Be Moral

    Adhere to strong moral principles and do what satisfies your conscience. If you know you are honest and true in your dealings, you will love your own self more.

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    Never look down upon others

    Loving yourself spiritually does not mean that you start considering yourself superior to others. You should keep in mind that everyone, like you, is created by God and deserves to be respected and loved.

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