How to Lower Cholesterol Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an effective home remedy for reducing cholesterol in your body. The difficult part of the treatment is drinking cider, especially directly without mixing sugar or adding any other product that makes the drinking process more pleasant. You cannot nevertheless ignore this remedy, if you do not want to take pills prescribed by your doctor. With a little bit of courage you can drink cider, and should know the effort is worth made, given the amount of benefit it gives to your health.


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    Taking Cider Directly

    Taking cider directly is more beneficial than consuming it by mixing it with other products i.e. food. However, drinking directly needs a lot of courage, as it tastes bitter and you might vomit soon after taking it. This can also make you turn down cider next time altogether.

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    Morning Tea

    You can take apple cider vinegar with your morning tea. Just add a table spoon of  cider into tea and drink it. Since you will need to take cider at least three times day, you can think of options for taking cider at times other than morning tea time. For example, you can take it with the afternoon tea as well.

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    Sugar or Honey

    You can also add some honey or sugar to add taste to cider so it makes easier for you to consume it. However, be careful, taking sugar is not safe, as it contributes to increase in the level of cholesterol.

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    With Salad

    You can also take cider by mixing it with salad at lunch time. Pour a table spoon or two on the salad and then consume it with your food. This will diminish the actual and sore taste of cider and you find it easier to consume. You can take it with morning tea, then with salad at lunch time and again with tea in the afternoon.

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    Add To Cooking

    If you have been adding white vinegar in the cooking, you can replace it with apple cider vinegar. This will kill the sore taste of cider, and you can still get the benefit of it. This possibility can only be on the card if you cook at home.

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    Soft Drinks

    Soft drinks are another option for taking cider. However, make sure you avoid fizzy drinks, as they will be already adding up to your cholesterol problem. Stopping taking soft drinks on a regular basis is also a solution to reduction in cholesterol level. You can choose juices instead of fizzy drinks to take cider by mixing with them.

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