How to Maintain the Tuck in Turbo Jam

Turbo Jam is one of the most popular workout programs in recent times. The workout involves some versatile exercises which includes dancing, cardio, kickboxing and sculpting. There are many people who claim to have lost a considerable amount of weight with this workout. The workout has an exercise known as the Turbo Tuck. This is an exercise for the abdomen muscles and it helps in developing abs by maintaining a particular stance during a workout. The Tuck is recommended by many fitness experts as a quick way to develop great abs in a matter of weeks.


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    You need to set the stance first. This is very important as if the stance is not correct, the exercise will not give you the desired result. You need to open your legs a bit with your toes placed at a 45-degree angle to each other. Your shoulders and knees should be up for this exercise so that the abs are directly affected.

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    When you have set your stance, place your forearms together with the elbows close to each other. This action is known as the guard as it looks like you are guarding the face. Close your fists also for this task.

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    You need to tuck the tailbone downwards. To do this, the best way is to move your hips forward. Bend your knees a bit so that the entire load is on your abs. Make sure that your shoulders and the chest is straight and you do not bend them. For best results, stand against a wall and your shoulders should be touching the wall. The hips should also be in contact with the wall; however, the tailbone should not.

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    This position has to maintain for a perfect abs exercise. You can do a host of exercises in Turbo Jam by remaining in this position. The moves include Zig-zag, the Wheel, the Shake and the Twist to name a few. For all these exercises to go steadily you need to be in a perfect position and you should maintain a perfect tuck.

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