How to Get a Plus Certification

CompTIA has established itself as one of the leading authorities on certifying professionals in the field of IT and the A+ Certification is definitely one that every hardware expert should have listed on their resumes.

Like other certifications, the A+ is a great way to boost your profile and make you stand out from the others, proving that you really do have the skills and expertise required for the job with the exam to prove it. Luckily for the people planning on taking it do not have to be experts since the A+ certification is just the gateway to much bigger things and is the right path for beginners.


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    Get Practical

    Since the A+ Certification is all about being practical with computer hardware, it is vital that you have hands-on experience with what you are dealing with. Operating systems are also important, especially Windows and DOS along with simple networking techniques to connect a group of computers together. This experience is not officially required by CompTIA in order to take the examination but it is a great way to acquire the needed knowledge to pass the test with flying colours.

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    Study Material

    Like any other certification, the required study material is readily available and can be purchased from CompTIA’s website, along with attending the necessary training courses. Preparing for the exam is not as hard for most people, than it is actually taking the test because stress is tested under a timed format. So it is especially important to learn to manage stress, the question all under time and be able to answer correctly without having second thoughts on what the answer choice should be.

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    Testing Centre

    When you are ready to take the exam, locating a specialized testing centre is important to actually get certified. Not all people actually undergo the certification, but in order to actually prove you have got the necessary skills and set of expertise, getting certified is the best option for you.

    Visiting the CompTIA website will give you all the information about Thomas Prometric and Pearson VUE facilities located near you, making it easier to take the exam. It is very rare that you may not have a testing facility located anywhere nearby, which could require a little travelling in order to take the test.

    Purchase the voucher from CompTIA now, which is usually a set price in American dollars and will allow you to officially register for the test and take it in a specific time period.

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