How to Train for RKC Kettlebell Certification

Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) is a three-day course meant to award certification to trainers of this method of the training in the Unites States of America (USA). The course range can be different in other countries. The aim is to produce certified trainers of instructions in the method of training with ‘cannon ball with handle’. It is the quickest way to get fit. To pass the course, which includes instructions, concepts learning and physical test, you will have to practise hard for nearly a month.


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    Basic Training

    You will have to learn and master basic movements of kettlebell training for a month before you apply for the course and appear for exam for certification. The basic training includes Turkish Get Ups (TGU) and swing. These are actually basic movements of the kettlebell, and all other movement or training methods are built on these basic movements. So you will have to learn and then master these movements for about a month. A recommended way is to spend about 10-12 minutes on TGU and the same amount of time on swing for about three to fours times a week.

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    Advance Stage

    After you have mastered the TGU and swing basic techniques or exercises, you will learn two more exercises at advance stage. This is an overhead press with a kettlebell that weighs about half of the body weight for men and quarter of body weight for women. This training regimen is described in kettlebell training instrunction book as 'Enter the Kettlebell'. The second part of the training also includes exercise of 200 snatches with a 53-pound kettlebell for 10 minutes for men and with 35-pound for the same time for women. You have to achieve perfection in these two exercises before starting training for the RKC program.

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    Circuit Training

    For the RKC program, you need to build your endurance, and the plan includes all kettlebell methods of training or exercises. It has swings, snatches, swings, squats, swings, cleans, swings and overhead press. You will have to follow the process after starting with TGU and swings, to build yourself towards these exercises. Spending 10-15 minutes on these exercises will build up your endurance, which is essential part of sustaining in the RKC certification training.

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