How to Make a Bus out of a Box

You are being ordered to create a bus out of a box and you have no idea at all how to accomplish the goal. The first and foremost reaction of any candidate can be a panicked face full of submissive body language with no clue at all about what to do. It may seem like a retarded job to create a bus from a box shaped material but considering the situation you are in, you have no other option but to embrace the reality and move on. You have to accomplish the goal and the best box that you can use to attain the required object is a refrigerator box which is a picture perfect material for a bus shape project adventure. It is because the size of the box is perfectly shaped to go ahead with the bus shape project. The proportions are inch perfect and easy to mould in a shape required in the project. The box can be used as a child’s small chair/seat in the bus. You can colour it yellow to give it a look of a school bus which is widely recognized in the states of America and all over the globe. You can also put in jazzy stickers with ease on the box and roll down the road without a fear of breaking the material apart. Making a bus is not easy at all but it is fun if you dig deep and drown in the project so much that you think of it in your dreams during night sleep as well.


  • 1

    Dismantle one side of the box with the help of scissors and put a duct tape to reinforce every edge of the box for stability purposes.

  • 2

    Use crayons to give a shape of windows on the front and back of the cardboard. However, do not use crayons to pain the box whilst use poster paint for that purpose.

  • 3

    Use the glue to attach the black paper plates at the bottom of the cardboard to give a shape of wheels.

  • 4

    Cut in a ring shaped figure from a black paper plate and glue it at the place where steering wheel is in the bus.

  • 5

    Two white paper plates will be required to attach at the front of the bus that will fulfil the purpose of headlights.

  • 6

    Put in a child sized chair in the bus.

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