How to Make a Cardboard Crossbow

A good way to divert your kids attention when they are snow bound or rained in is to have them make cardboard crossbows. This way whenever they are stuck at home due to climatic conditions or are grounded, they will have an activity to indulge in rather than stay idle. The cardboard crossbow costs next to nothing and can distract children for an afternoon. You can make use of soda straws for arrows as they are not dangerous because they cannot cause damage or harm. There are a number of ways to make a cardboard crossbow.

Things Required:

– Tracing paper
– Wire coat hanger
– Cardboard
– Cork


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    Getting started

    First of all, draw a tracing paper template of the crossbow pieces. You will be required to make the shape for the crossbow, spacers in the shape of the lower body, a handle and the crossbow body. You can look for crossbow shapes or get ready-made templates from the internet. Make sure you remember to put in a notch for the cork which is the trigger. After that, make the body. Cut four or more pieces of cardboard for the body shape and a separate piece for the spacers. Then glue the pieces together with the spacers in the centre.

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    Further instructions

    Make sure to cut the wire hanger into three pieces. The simplest way is to remove off the two hanger corners and the neck with the hook. Twist both ends of the biggest piece to double it over. Gather the trigger. Cut inside any of the two smaller pieces right through the middle of the cork cylinder and not the flat sides. Bend it at a right angle in the centre, then bend a quarter inch notch in a side 90 degrees the other direction. On the other hand, move the trigger assembly into its place. Try to slip the metal trigger through the body and the notch sticks from the top. Safeguard it with a piece of cardboard that extends from the base of the handle to behind the notch.

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    Lastly, divide two cardboard rectangles a half inch wide and shorter than the long hanger wire. Attach them with the wire placed in the middle, aligned on both sides. Run the wire a quarter inch on the sides. Glue the bow to the front of the body and even out the bow with the top of the crossbow body.

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