How to Make a Churidar Pajama Indian Clothing

Churidar pajama is an Indian styled clothing and is mostly worn in the South East Asia by both men and women. But today this versatile and easy-to-wear clothing has gained popularity even in the west as more and more people look to buy churidar pajamas. But this type of clothing does not come cheap because of which several of its fans fail to buy it. Nevertheless, with the help of this guide on ‘how to make churidar pajama Indian clothing,’ now people in both East and West can sew their own churidar clothing. They should use a fabric that is made from Rayon, Silk or Cotton because these are easy to hem for beginners. For further instructions see the steps below.


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    Take your measurements

    To make a churidar pajama, you should first take your measurements. Measure your hip, waist and chest. However, these measurements should be taken by keeping one important thing in mind; you will only wear undergarments under your new churidar pajama and nothing else. But if you have a plan to wear it over some other garment then wear them before taking the measurements so they are accurate. You can take help from your sister, mother, aunt or a friend and ask them to take the measurements for you.

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    Buy the fabric

    Now is the time to get a pattern for the clothing and compare your measurements to the ones written behind the pattern envelope. This will help you figure out the quantity of cloth needed to make a Chauridar Pajama for somebody of your size.  Now purchase the fabric of your choice and get it with other items like buttons, elastic, trims etc.

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    The pattern instructions will help you cut the fabric and patterns. Make all the pattern marking on the fabric by a tailor's chalk or pencil. The markings which you make will help you in making the choridar pajama.

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    After cutting the fabric, put it on your body and then pin it up. You can determine the exact fitting of the new churidar clothing this way. If you are not satisfied with the fitting then re-pin it and keep doing it until you get the exact fitting.

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    Now by keeping this exact fitting in mind, sew the fabric together by following the pattern’s sewing instructions. During sewing, if the edges of the fabric start raveling you can enclose these seams either with a zigzag stitch or seam binding.

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    After that sew the churidar pants as per your desired length. Its length is traditionally till ankle. Now hem the sleeves and tunic your desired length.

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