How to Make a Harvest Wreath

Wreaths are a great traditional way of decorating a home. Even though you can purchase ready-made wreaths at a nominal cost, making one at home and then using it for decoration purposes can be a unique way of showing others your creative side. Wreaths can easily be made at home in a very cost effective way.

Things Required:

– 18-inch-diameter grapevine wreath form
– Crookneck gourds in various sizes, textures and colours
– Dried lichen “reindeer moss” in colours that complement the gourds
– Heavy florist’s wire twine
– Pruning shears or heavy-duty scissors


  • 1

    Start by relaxing the wreath’s stiff form. You will be required to pry apart the dry, tough grapevines for this purpose. Use pruning shears to cut the thickest vines if required.

  • 2

    Determine the size, texture and colour of the crookneck gourd you want to use for making the wreath. Carefully work the crookneck gourd you choose into the grapevines. Do not forget to hook and weave the gourd. This will ensure that the gourd does not lose its shape.

  • 3

    Choose another gourd and add it to the assembly from the previous step. Make sure that both gourds nestle and complement each other.

  • 4

    Continue adding more gourds in a similar manner, alternating gourd directions and allowing the shape of it to twist and drape with other gourd shapes. This will help you impart a more natural look on the wreath. Add as many gourds as it takes to fully cover the entire wreath.

  • 5

    Use dried lichen “reindeer moss” in colours that complement the gourds to fill in open spaces in the wreath form. Be sure to properly stuff moss in between gourds and into as many grapevines as it takes to wedge the moss in place.

  • 6

    Finally, create a hanger by twisting a section of the florist’ wire twine and then feeding the twisted wire twine section through the grapevines. Make at least a couple of loops; three inches in circumference. This can be accomplished by tucking tightly twisted ends into the wreath form.

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