How to Make a Homemade Belly Cast

Making a homemade belly cast is quite easy. It is basically made for appreciating the whole pregnancy process. Many women around the world make a belly cast while they are pregnant. Usually when they enter into the eighth month of pregnancy, they create a belly cast to commemorate the whole process. Husbands also take part in making belly casts for their wives while it has often observed that parents show belly casts to their children when they get older. It is made of a plaster which can be easily made at home as well.


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    Collect information

    Information is key when you try to make a homemade belly cast. You should first get information about a belly cast and its importance. You can get many sources from where you can get information about a belly cast and why it is made. You will find many reasons why people make it but you will get similar kinds of information from different sources as it is made for women who are pregnant and want to have a pleasant memory about their pregnancy. You can use the internet for your primary research. You can go to different websites which will gradually provide you with valuable information. You can even go to different online forums which are also a source of information nowadays. You can ask all sorts of questions on these types of online forums and it is also a possibility you will be answered with reliable information.

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    Making the belly cast

    After getting the important information, you should start making the belly cast. First you need to cover the floor and gather all the supplies. You should also remove jewellery and unnecessary clothes. Wear an apron or old clothes as it will help you create a good belly cast.

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    Petroleum jelly

    Apply petroleum jelly on your breasts and the lower side of your belly. It will help the cast to mold according to your belly. Slowly put the plaster on your breasts and on your lower side of the belly and wait for fifteen minutes.

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    Drying belly cast

    Now let the entire belly cast to dry for few more minutes. It will take some 24 hour to complete the whole process.

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