How to Make a Homemade Wrestling Ring

Wrestling has gained popularity in most parts of the world over the past few decades. It is a sport that both adults and children love to watch. There are countless people who emulate wrestling in homemade wrestling rings. Making a wrestling ring at home may be a time consuming task. Here is what you will need in order to make an inexpensive wrestling ring in your backyard.

Things Required:

– Coloured duct tape
– Three thick ropes
– Four posts
– 16 tyres
– Four mattresses
– Plywood
– Cushioning
– Nylon tarp
– Nine small pillows
– Rope
– Hooked screws


  • 1

    Decide the size of the wrestling ring while keeping in mind that the shape of the ring has be square and the ring should be at least 8 feet by 8 feet in size. Go to your backyard and choose an area large enough to make the ring of your desired size.

  • 2

    Dig 3-foot holes on all four corners of the ring and a 7-foot pole in each of the holes. Since the hole was 3 feet in depth, 4 feet of the pole should still be above the ground level. To prevent the posts from moving, pack the holes with clay-like dirt or cement.

  • 3

    In order to create a base for the wrestling ring and to withstand impact caused by wrestling, lay 16 tyres inside the posts in a single layer.

  • 4

    Cover the tires completely by placing mattresses over the layer of tyres. Secure the mattresses in place with bungee cords. The mattresses will provide an additional layer of padding in the ring.

  • 5

    In order to simulate the sounds within the ring during a professional wrestling match, completely cover the mattresses with a layer of plywood. Apart from creating sound, the layer of plywood will add hardness to the impact.

  • 6

    Cover the plywood with a 1-inch soft layer. This will ensure that the wrestlers do not hit the plywood directly.

  • 7

    Using stakes, bungee cords or staple guns, secure a nylon tarp as tightly as possible over the wrestling ring.

  • 8

    To each of the three turnbuckles, attach a hooked bolt. In order to make the ropes look even, place the hooked bolts at equal distance from each other along the ropes.

  • 9

    To prevent rope burn while a round of wrestling, cover the ropes around the ring in coloured duct tape. Since the tape is coloured, it will make the ring look more attractive to the eye.

  • 10

    Surround the ring with ropes, passing a couple of loops around each corner to ensure that the ropes are tightly secured in place.

  • 11

    At each of the three turnbuckles, attach soft pillows using a staple gun or thin rope in order to reduce impact. To finish the task, test aspects of the rings and make sure everything hold properly.

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