How to Steal the Ball from Your Opponent in Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in United States of America. This game is played in several European countries as well as some Asian countries. However, none of them even come close to that of played in United States of America.

It is a team sport in which the main objective is to shoot or hoop the ball through a basket to score points in predetermined time while following some set of rules. The team that scores most points at the end of the time, usually there are four quarters of 10 minutes each, wins the match.

Five players from both of the competing teams can be on the court, until any of them is replaced by another. Substitutions are unlimited, but can only be done when the play is stopped for any reason.

There are several aspects of the game, both attacking and defensive. Many believe that blocking a player from shooting is one of the most difficult aspects of defensive play. However, stealing a ball from your opponent can be regarded as the trickiest part of defensive play.

It is not an easy task to steal a ball from your opponent, especially if the player has extremely good dribbling abilities. However, one can steal the ball perfectly while keeping in mind some simple things.


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    Steal From an Opponent when he/she is Dribbling the Ball

    Remain within an arm’s distance of your opponent when he/she is dribbling. Keep your defensive posture perfect with both your feet and shoulder width apart.

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    Watch opponents hands

    Concentrate hard on your opponent’s movement and dribbling. Watch whether the person with the ball is better on his/her left hand or right. After you have determined his/her move, reach for the ball in a side-to-side motion when the ball is bouncing upwards after touching the floor. Make sure to return to your defensive posture if you do not successfully attempt the steal.

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    Steal the Ball when Passed to the Player you are Defending

    Proper defensive posture is essential in order to perfect your defensive play. The distance between you and the player must be within an arm’s length.

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    One must attempt to bluff the opponent that he/she is out of position, and is paying no attention towards his/her direct opponent. However, in reality, you are always watching closely your direct opponent as well as the ball. One the ball is passed to that player, you reach it out with that arm which can be extended the most. Judge the flight of the ball, and tap it in front of yourself or to one of your teammate.

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