How to Do a Layup in Basketball

Basketball is one of the most widely played games these days and with the trend going on, people are more and more taking up the prospect of getting into the game as a professional.

Many people want to adapt the game as a profession as it has immense fame and has a pretty solid return of money as well in regards to the financial terms of the contracts that are offered to the players over the course of their careers. Particularly in America, the game is played very widely and passionately and given much more importance over the other games. This game has the fame because it is a very fast pace game and a true check of an athletes credibility. With such money involved in the game, many children are lining it up as their main motive to excel in and have already made it as their first choice option. There are certain parameters of the game which need to be mastered in order for one to become a true basketball player and a layup is one of these important parameters.

Along with shooting and passing, each player must have the ability to perform a layup in the match as the conditions are not always favourable in the game for the player to consider and pick their own choice of scoring option. These are the steps that will guide you through the task of performing a layup in the game of basketball.


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    The first step is to stand outside the D of the rink on which you are looking to perform the layup.

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    Now you should be looking to make a rough estimate on the numbers of step that you need before going into the air after taking the jump for the layup

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    Now you have to ask your trainer to throw you the ball in your hands. The ball can be thrown in two ways. One is to be thrown straight into your hands while the other option is that the ball is to be given to you after a bounce and is taken after that bounce on the court.

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    After the catch, you will be required to dribble the ball on the court and these dribbles must be made while running towards the basket loop. After one or two dribbles, you have to make the jump towards the rim of the basket.

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    Now when you are at the top of your jump, you have to outstretch your arm that holds the basketball and lave the ball in the direction of the basket so that the ball drops into it.

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