How to Make a Killer Webinar Presentation

During last couple of years, webinar or web meeting has become important part of the business world. It allows many people to interact effectively while sitting oceans away. This virtual conference saves time and money.

Most of the time moderators or speakers fail to make best out of this valuable method of interaction. That is because they have been addressing people in meeting rooms and fail to make their webinar presentation successful.

You can hit the mark even if you are new to this world. All you need to do is to keep a couple of important factors in your mind.


  • 1

    At first, you should divide your presentation in different segments. Mostly, the presentation is divided into four different parts: Introduction, Main Content, Audience Interaction and Conclusion. Make your slides attractive as they are your best bet to engage people.

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    The introduction of your webinar will set the overall mood of this meeting. Start with a title slide followed by your introduction. Do not add trivial details otherwise you will lose grip over the audience.

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    There are always participants who are new to webinars so teach them how it works. Tell them how to ask question and switch to the next portion of the presentation. This will really help you to communicate effectively and efficiently.

  • 4

    Give them a preview of your presentation so that they understand the format of your content. They will follow you only if they know where you will take them. Moreover, they will be interrupting again and again if they don’t know the arrangement of your content.

  • 5

    Now, when you are done with the introductory part, it is time for the main content. You may follow the traditional timeline structure in which you tell them what has been done in the past, what is going on in present and what you are expecting in the future. However, you can also make list of your points and take them from problem to solution.

  • 6

    After delivering a detailed presentation, you should allow them to ask questions to fade away any confusion. It is always better to make the relevant slide visible while answering question as they will be able to understand easily.

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    Mostly people finish their presentation immediately after the question answer session. Do not do this rather you should summarise your presentation properly so that they leave you with clear minds and a valid plan of action.

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