How to Make a Look book

Look books are fun to make. A look book consists of photographs that are related to fashion clothes, hair-dos or makeovers. Look bookers can be fashion models, fashion designers, wholesalers or even fun lovers.

A look book is a visual aid that describes the product. For a fashion model, a look book is just like a portfolio. On the other hand, a fashion designer designs a look book in order to inform his/her clients about the recent updates in the world of fashion. A wholesaler makes a look book that presents his/her collection of items, and for fun lovers a look book can be a personal reference guide of beauty about different hair-dos or makeovers tried so far.

Things Required:

– Photographs
– Sketches
– Plastic Sleeve Folder
– Swatches of the products if any


  • 1

    Decide what photographs to add:

    Keeping in mind the objectives of the look book and its audience, choose appropriate photographs that best describe the objective.

  • 2

    Add sketches:

    Add corresponding sketches to better describe your photographs. The sketches will let the viewer understand the original idea and your artistic intellect. When the photographs will be viewed along with the the viewer will easily judge how well the photographs describe the idea.sketches,

  • 3

    Adding Swatches:

    Now add swatches corresponding to the photographs. If you are a fashion designer or a wholesaler, then describe your products by displaying swatches of your collection. This will give the viewer a clear idea about the stuff and material that has been used in the products.

    On the other hand, if you are making a look book for yourself, that is a reference of your makeovers then you should paste the swatches of the makeup you applied. Also write down the name of all cosmetics that you used in your makeover.

  • 4


    Finalize your collection and go through the entire book once or twice to check the flow and organization. Make any changes if required.

  • 5

    Hard Bind:

    Once finalized, hard bind your look book to give it a professional look.

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