How to Make a Mexican Ice Drink

Making a Mexican ice drink is very simple. Interestingly, the Mexican ice drink does not essentially have the ice. However, one may use crushed ice in summers. A malt beverage that has nothing to do with vodka, Smirnoff Ice is a wonderful and tasty liquid. Although the drink is quite enjoyable itself, adding tequila further increases the smoothness.

Tequila not only enhances the taste to a great deal, but also gives an added kick. The ingredients of this marvellous drink are very simple. However, one can use different techniques to develop a unique taste.

Prep time: 05 min
Cook time: Nil
Total time: 05 min
Yield: 01-02 servings
Utensils: Glasses, tray, refrigerator, and kitchen papers.

Ice (optional)
Smirnoff Ice


  • 1

    The first step is chilling a 16-ounce glass. This step is not mandatory, but since you are not interested in using any ice, it is better to do this in order to add a chilling touch. Put the glass in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes.

    Make sure you don’t keep the glass at a very low temperature, because it may crack. If you are putting the glass in the freezer, don’t place it near the cooling fan. The duration must not be more than a few minutes. While the glass is in the freezer, you can gather other ingredients.

  • 2

    Bring the chilled glass out of the freezer and add one shot (1 oz) of tequila. There are different labels available in the market these days. A lot of people use Jose Cuervo Especial. Although it may not be the best one, it works pretty well in this drink. The choice of tequila label is entirely yours.

  • 3

    Quickly pour one chilled bottle (11.2 oz) of Smirnoff Ice to the glass. The original Smirnoff Ice is the best choice, however, you can substitute one of the Smirnoff Twisted flavoured malt drinks.

    There is no need to stir, because it only removes the carbonation. When enjoying the Mexican ice drink, make sure your glass has the maximum bubbles.

    Since you have already chilled the glass, there is no need to add the ice. The liquid must also be placed in the refrigerator just before drinking.

    Ice can be added, but it only dilutes the drink without adding any significant taste. So, you must not add any ice, if the glass and the Smirnoff Ice bottle are chilled. Enjoy your drink.

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