How to Equip a Home Bar

You are enjoying a luxurious style of living and step a gear ahead by forming a home based bar that will entertain you in the same fashion as the normal bars. You would have to step up the game and stock your bar with all sorts of stuff required. You might have to contact the bartender to understand the small things required for the bar that might not be visible to you while getting a drink from the bar. Well, you are at the right spot to browse for stuff that will help you set up a home based bar without much trouble.


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    Normal blenders can’t crack the ice so you will have to buy some heavy-duty version of blenders that allows you to break the ice in a manner that it is completely squashed. You would also require ice cubes for some drinks and depending on the mood. You will have to crush the ice for frozen drinks whereas keep the ice cubes for usual drinks. Everything should be kept in their place.

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    For mixing the number of drinks, you will require two things:  cocktail shaker and coil-rimmed strainer. You will use both of these utensils to mix the different types of drinks to form your own cocktail. You can buy a fancy shaker made of glass but it may break easily and being a beginner, you are recommended to buy a metal shaker so that its longevity is guaranteed.

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    For measuring the amount of drinks, you will need to have small cups and all sorts of jiggers available. Buy stuff that suits the best of your need and your budget. Don’t overspend on stuff that will be used to create a drink rather spent on those that will actually be presented to the visitors or yourself. Everyone will evaluate the final cocktail and no one will ask for the stuff used to create that particular drink.

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    In order to stir drinks, you will have to purchase two bar spoons that contains long handles. You will also have to purchase the measuring spoons for the sake of bitters, sugar and salt measurement.

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    You will have to buy a cockscrew as well. Waiter cockstrew is usually expensive than winged, so decide according to your budget. Purchase an electric juicer for the sake of fresh juices. Other stuff can be bought on will like napkins etc.

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