How to Serve Tea and Coffee in a Restaurant

Tea is the second most commonly used beverage, after water, in the world and is consumed by people of almost every age group. From breakfast to post dinner time, people take it in different intervals and even consider it as part of their daily routine. Usually, tea is prepared by pouring boiling water on the cured leaves of tea plant. It has somewhat cooling and slightly bitter taste which people like.

In the meantime, coffee was introduced in Europe during the 17th century and has been a big hit since then. Usually, people take coffee alone or if it is taken with any meal, it is considered as the last serving. Therefore, it is very important for the restaurant owners to teach their staff about the best ways to serve tea and coffee in front of their guests. If the service will be good, it will work as a last minute satisfactions for the visitors. Otherwise, the consequences can be completely different.


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    Make sure you do not use coffee that is more than 30 minutes old. Take the pot, smell it and make sure the beverage is fresh. Moreover, if the pot is one quarter full or less, just waste it and make a fresh pot. After the coffee is ready, place everything required in the tray, including cups, mugs, saucer, sweetener, cream etc. Make sure you have placed the correct number of items according to the guests sitting at the table.

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    Take the coffee pot and place it on the service tray. Then put the tray on the tray jack available on the table. Make sure you place the mugs/cups to the right side of the water glass and the handles are turned to the right hand side of the guest. Otherwise, it will become really difficult for the guest to pick them up.

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    Using your right hand, pour the coffee in the cup from the right side. Do not pick the cup fop. When the coffee is finished, immediately refill the cup without asking whether the guest wants it or not. Keep on filling the cup until the guest asks himself to stop or gives some hint of that. Otherwise, just fill the cup.

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    Creamer and sugar should be placed on the service tray, along with a clean spoon and napkins.

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    Take a small side dish and place tea bags and lemon wedges on it, before placing the small dish on the service tray. Take a tea pot and fill it with hot water. You can also use coffee maker to pour in hot water.

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    Place the mug/cup and saucer on the table. Make sure the handle of the cup and saucer are pointing towards the right side of the guest. Now place the tea pot to the right side of the cup, along with the under liner. Hold the tea pot with your right hand and pour it in guest’s cup while standing at the right side of the guest.

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