How to Throw a Cheap Wine Tasting Party

Do you want to host a wine tasting party? Is it the budget that’s stopping you from arranging one? If the answer is “Yes” then do not worry as you can throw a wine tasting party in a tight budget.

All you need to do is to buy some cost-effective but quality wines and invite your dear ones for this informal get-together. The best thing about this party is that you do not need to put any extra effort.

However, you must keep a couple of things in mind while preparing for this party as any blunder can ruin your efforts.


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    Start with inviting your guests for wine tasting. You can make it more interesting by sending emails or using the postal service. Visit your nearest store and pick especially designed invitational cards. You must know how many people you want to have in the party. Six is the ideal figure as all of them can sit together on the table and share their thoughts about wine.

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    After sending an invitation, you need to choose wines for tasting. You can find a cheap but quality wine between $8 to $18. You should offer at least two reds and two whites but make sure that number of wines is not more than six otherwise it will be difficult for your guests to differentiate.

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    Though, it depends on the number of your guests but you should purchase enough wine for tasting. Usually, a bottle yields four glasses of wine so keep this proportion in mind and buy bottles of wine according to your requirements.

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    You must design a wine tasting guide for your guests. Make a sheet and give a brief description of the wine. Ask your guests to rate them as “Excellent”, “Good” and “Cheap”. You can also ask them to write down their thoughts about the wine.

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    Another important thing you need to keep in mind is your menu. You should serve some good food along with your wines. Do not worry as you can manage it by remaining in your budget. A few suggestions for your menu are mini meat-balls, soft and hard cheese with small round of bread, cheese sandwiches, nuts with sliced cakes or cookies.

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    Decorate the area where you are having party. Arrange some music and you are all set to say “Cheers”.

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