How to Enjoy the Perfect Cup of Tea

Tea is often seen as the drink that is mostly preferred by the people who have a hectic routine in their daily life. This drink is mostly appreciated and drunk in the Asian regions and is preferred over all other sorts of drinks for its performance and its legitimacy.  Alcohol is mostly not drunk in an open manner in the Asian territories, due to religious implications, so tea serves the perfect package. It is seen as the drink that evaporates tiredness with it and that is the main cause for its fame.


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    There are several ways to enjoy a cup of tea. Firstly, the main thing involved is the manner and the procedure with which the tea is made. Tea can be usually made by following two methods. One of these is to make the cup of tea by using the separate ingredients method. In this approach, contents are separately added turn by turn to the cup of tea and then mixed to make the tea cup. The other method is that the tea is made on a stove. In this, the contents are not added to the cup of tea separately, but are added in one place in the container that is placed at the stove and heated to make the tea. The first step is to choose between the two methods and shortlist the one which you are going to use and adapt.

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    Once the method has been chosen, now is the time to gather the ingredients. Tea’s ingredients are very simple to gather. All of the things can be easily bought from any super store. Milk, tea, sugar are the only requirements for the process and these also depend upon the choice of the method. If making separate tea, you have to buy tea bags and powdered milk instead of tea and fresh milk.

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    Now suppose that you are making separate tea. Take a stove and fill it with two cups of water. Place this over the burner and let the water boil.

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    In the mean time, you must take the cup in which you are to make the tea and put 1.5 spoons of sugar in it. This totally depends upon the taste requirements of the person and varies from one individual to another. Also put one tea bag into the cup.

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    Once the water has boiled, pour this water slowly into the cup in which you have put sugar and tea bag. Now stir the mixture with a spoon slowly so that the tea gains get dissolved into the water. Once the dissolution has been completed, put one table spoon full of powdered milk in the cup and stir again till it has been dissolved. Take the cup to your balcony and enjoy the cup of magnificent hot tea.

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