How to Use Tea as a Sleep Aid

For centuries, herbal teas are used in promoting sleep at night. People usually have difficulties in sleeping. They can consume these teas which will force them to sleep and battle insomnia. Nowadays, few companies even label these herbal teas as bedtime teas. When consuming tea, you should make sure that it is caffeine free. This is because caffeine will do the opposite effect and will force you to stay up rather than sleeping. Some of the herbal teas which help you sleep at night are chamomile, valerian, jasmine, peppermint and ginger.


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    Preparation of herbal tea

    In order to make herbal tea, you need to add 1 teaspoon of the herb you are using over the boiling water. You can boil water in a kettle or even a saucepan. You can remove the herb with the help of a tea strainer or by a brewing basket from the water. Remember to let the herbs stay in water for almost 10 to 15 minutes.

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    This type of herb promotes relaxation and eventually helps in sleeping at night. You can easily found it in branded herbal teas which states ‘sleep aids.’ One of these teas is Celestial Seasonings ‘Sleepytime’ tea.

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    Valerian not only helps in sleeping at night but also wards of anxiety. It is a natural herbal sedative and is one of the effective herbal teas which help in sleep.

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    Peppermint teas can act as painkillers with their anaesthetic reactions on a person’s body. If a person is suffering from pain or have different aches in his body, drinking peppermint tea soothes a person body and relax it. A person’s central nervous system also slow down and eventually aids in sleeping.

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    Kava Kava

    Kava kava tea encourages body to relax and act as a sedative. Thus it is a perfect remedy for someone suffering with insomnia.

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    Avoid Caffeine

    In coffees, chocolate and black tea you can find caffeine. This substance disturbs sleep of a person. Thus you need to avoid these drinks including tea before going to bed. You can consume green tea or herbal tea which is free from caffeine. In case you have a chronic insomnia then shunning caffeine will be helpful to you.

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