How to Keep Frozen Drinks from Sticking to Napkins

Summers are the time of the year, when just about everyone misses winters. Everyone also feels the other way round when its winters, but that is not the important thing to note here.

During the summer period, it is almost impossible to drink anything if it isn’t cold. However, when handling cold drinks, a problem that tends to arise is when the napkins that you are using end up getting stuck to the glass.

This proves to be a bother, despite it not really causing any damage. It is just something that people tend to find annoying and are always looking for a cure to.


  • 1

    Double glasses

    One very basic and simple method to avoiding this rather annoying thing, is to use two glasses. Now if you put one glass inside another and then use napkins, then there is no way for the cold glass to get stuck to it.

    You end up enjoying your drink, and there is not annoying thing to worry about. Basically this is a very smart idea and should be adopted by most people.

  • 2

    Don’t use napkins

    Now the problem that you have, involves your napkins getting stuck to your glass. However, if you don’t have a napkin, then nothing is getting stuck to your drinks.

    You need to ask yourself, just why is it that you have a napkin in the first place. That is a rather odd thing to have in your hand while drinking something.

    You should mentally prepare yourself not to use any napkins till you actually spill the drink and make a mess.

    It is amazing that most people have not thought of this solution, given how basic it actually is.

  • 3

    Use straws

    Another approach that you could try and use, is the adaption of straws in your drinking rituals.

    Drinking via a glass can lead to the tissues getting stuck to it, however, using a straw leaves for no contact between hand and glass, meaning there is no contact between tissue and glass.

    So basically you are winning at life, simply by thinking outside the box.

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    Drink straight from the bottle

    The last thing you can try doing, is to drink straight from the bottle. This eliminates the use of the glass, and makes you look a whole lot cooler while drinking whatever it is that you are drinking.

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