How to Use Yuzu Juice

Native to Japan, yuzu is an oriental citrus fruit with a bumpy, yellow-green exterior, a thick rind, and lots of seeds. Loaded with an exotic and intense citrus flavour that is more potent than lemons or limes, the juice of yuzu fruits is commercially extracted, bottled, and shipped to locations all over the world. Frequently used as a substitute for lemon, lime, and even orange juice, yuzu juice is an ingredient which features prominently in traditional Japanese cuisine, and also in American cuisine. There are multiple ways this potent flavour can be used.


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    A great way to utilise yuzu juice is to use it in desserts which call for citrus components such as lemon or lime juice. Pound cakes and pastries can be given an added zing by adding some yuzu juice to the batter, as can desserts like lemon tarts. In addition, a couple of drops of yuzu juice in a vanilla or buttercream-based frosting can given it a pleasing zing, cut through the buttery richness, and take the flavour to a higher dimension. If you wish to dilute the strong citrus flavour of yuzu juice before adding it in, you can mix it with a little bit of syrup or water.

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    Just as it enhances the flavour of desserts, yuzu juice can also be incorporated in savoury dishes. Use it in salad dressings, in sauces for rich meats like beef, or in marinades for roasts or barbecues. Since it is tangy, it will go exceptionally well with seafood – mix it in your tartar sauce, or sprinkle it over fish and shrimps, to enliven their flavour. Yuzu juice will also work great in Mexican foods like salsa.

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    In addition to food, the juice can also be used in drinks and cocktails which call for lemon or lime juice. Add a couple of drops to your favourite citrus drink, making yuzu versions of drinks like the Huck Yu or Lemon Drop. It can also be used as a substitute for orange juice – simply mix the juice with syrup and water to the desired taste.

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    Often, recipes for authentic Japanese cuisine will call for fresh yuzu juice – in these cases, bottled yuzu juice can be used as a substitute, since fresh yuzu fruit is not widely available anywhere except Japan. If the recipe calls for zest, you can use yuzu paste or powder instead.

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