How To Make a Perfume with Real Vanilla Beans

Almost every person loves the aroma and flavour of vanilla. The studies have shown that vanilla is widely used in the making of perfumes and colognes. Although, the fragrance of the commercial perfumes and colognes is very comforting, however, they are too expensive to buy.

If you cannot afford the perfumes and colognes for normal use because of their high prices, you can make your own perfume with the help of vanilla beans and some essential oils.

In this article, we have explained the process which you can follow to make your own perfume with the real vanilla beans. Furthermore, the steps have been discussed in a very easy manner so that you may not face any kind of problem in the making of perfume.


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    First of all, take a small glass bowl and put around 25 drops of essential oil in it. If you like spicy scents, you should use cinnamon oil and if you like citrus scents, you should use lemon oil. Moreover, if you want the fragrance of vanilla to dominate in your perfume, you can use slightly scented essential oil.

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    Then, you will have to cut open around 20 vanilla beans. After that, graze the fleshy centre part of the beans into the bowl by the use of a teaspoon.

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    Now, you have to add two ounces of 100-proof vodka to the glass bowl.

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    You have to stir all the ingredients until they are mixed well. Then, just cover the bowl and place it for some hours to some weeks in order to give the necessary time to all the ingredients to blend well. As longer you let the mixture sit, the stronger your perfume will be.

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    Then, you have to tuck a coffee filter into the two-ounce perfume bottle in which you will pour the mixture which you created in the bowl. The coffee filter will help to keep the solids out. After pouring the mixture into the bottle, remove the coffee filter.

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    You can add distilled water into the bottle and fill it to the top. Then, close the bottle and shake it very well. After shaking, store the bottle in a cool and a dark place.

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