How to Remove the Smell of Leather

Leather is usually our first choice when it comes to many items like furniture, handbags, jackets and shoes. Natural leather smell is usually liked by people. However, at times the smell of new leather and any later smell that develops prove to be pretty disturbing and we start looking for solutions. Since leather is extremely sensitive to water and detergents, you cannot just wash it up and hang to dry. There are a few ways that help to take away the smell off leather without harming the material itself. Follow our step by step guide for solutions that will make you want to use your leather products again with the same fervor.


  • 1

    Put it outside:

    Put the material outside for 24 hours. However, check for weather reports and do it when there are no chances of a rain. Do not keep in harsh sunlight, else the material will fade. This is particularly good for leather shoes.

  • 2

    Wipe it:

    Get a leather cleaner from the market. Dip it in a cloth and wipe the leather. If the smell is due to stains, it will go away. Dry the wiped leather well in open air or with a blow dr4yer.

  • 3

    Pack in newspapers:

    Pact the leather item tightly in newspapers and leave for two days. The newspapers will absorb the odor with their natural fibers. Make sure that both the papers and the leather were dry when you were packing.

  • 4

    Condition it:

    Pour a few drops of any leather conditioner or Linseed oil. It will make the smell better. Use a cloth to wipe the oil and absorb extra oil.

  • 5

    Spray with vinegar and water:

    Make a solution of 5 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Fill it ion a spray bottle. Spray the material and use a cloth to remove stains and absorb extra moisture.

  • 6

    Baking soda:

    Put the item in a cupboard. Put baking soda on the surface. Keep the cupboard closed for 5 days. Brush off the soda.

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