How to Make Roll On Fragrance Oil

Roll-On perfume oils can be made at home and the process is simple and easy. All you need is a set of desired fragrance oils, a roller bottle, carrier oil and vials to test the combinations. In this way, you can make a perfume that smells exactly what you like and which is healthy for your skin at the same time.

Carrier oil will keep the scent stronger and long lasting and will keep the fragrance oils from evaporating.

Things required:

– Dropper
– Roller bottle
– Vials


  • 1

    Choose the desired oils for your fragrance

    To make a Roll-On Fragrance Oil, it is very important that you choose the best fragrances or scents that suit you. There are generally combinations of three different oils for a fragrance and the oils can be anyone of your own desire. The oils are placed in layers of three in a vial or a small glass vessel with the sharpest scent on top and the least sharp at the bottom.

    The most popular sharper scents are grapefruit and geranium whereas the famous scents used for the bottom are rose and sandalwood.

  • 2

    Make different combinations in vials

    Pour drops of different fragrances in vials and prepare a set of combinations. It is always good to try new combinations so that you get to know how they smell together. Follow the same process of placing the least sharp scents at the bottom and sharpest at the top. Leave the vials for a few hours so that all the ingredients are fully combined. Smell all the vials to select the best combination so that it can be used to make a roll-on fragrance.

  • 3

    Pour mixture in roller bottle and add carrier oil

    Pour the combination of oils from the selected combination to an empty roller bottle. Make sure the combination has nicely settled at the bottom. Now add carrier oil to the roller bottle. This will keep the oils’ scents essential and will stop them from evaporating.

  • 4

    Add the roller applicator to the bottle

    Place the roll-on applicator on top of the bottle and set the bottle aside so that all the oils are thoroughly combined before you are able to use them. After two or three hours, smell the bottle to make sure the scent has mingled together well. Shake well before you apply to your skin.

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