How to Get Designer Perfumes For Less

Many people are out there who are brand conscious and always try their best to use designer perfumes. But these perfumes are very expensive and only a limited number of people can afford it. Designer perfumes are usually used by rich people who can pay hundreds of dollars and even more for a small bottle of designer perfume. However, there are also many people who find different ways to buy these perfumes in far less price as compared to the prices that are offered by retail stores.

Buying a designer perfume in less than market price is something tricky and there are a few people who know the tricks of how to do it. Many people just get away with the fact that they cannot buy these perfumes by looking at the high prices and give up looking for designer perfumes. But, if you have a passion to use the designer perfume but want a discount then you have look other ways to get it. If you have no idea of how to buy a designer perfume on a discounted price then take guidance from this post.


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    You can get a designers perfume from a departmental store, even for free if you are lucky one, by asking for a sample. Sample perfumes are for free as the manufacturers always give samples in the market for making promotions of their products.

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    Try to get knowledge about the promotional campaigns of different departmental stores that offer discounted prices on all products including designer perfumes on specific days.

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    You can also buy designer perfumes by visiting duty free shops. You can find these duty free shops at the airport of your city as almost all major airports have duty free shops.

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    Always look for the auctions of departmental stores or boutiques, which are closing down or are moving to a new place, as they offer a discounted rate on all products including designer perfumes.

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    Making friendship with employees at a departmental store is another way to get designer perfumes on discounted rates because the employees usually get discounts on all products. Ask your friend at a departmental store to buy you a designer perfume on a discounted price.

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    While purchasing a designer perfume from an auction on internet, then you need to make sure that the online vender is reliable one like eBay because many scams out there on internet who sell fake products.

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