How to Buy Perfume Testers

There is a misconception that perfume testers are of lower quality. This is not true. Perfume testers are of as high quality as the regular product. Just imagine a company attracting buyers to buy their perfume brand; why will leave a lower quality for testing on the front counter. The testers used as sample of the product represent its true quality. Only difference in testers is that they are sent by the manufacturers without packaging. The sample is bottled in a simple bottle pack, without an attractive packaging.

Whenever a manufacture of a perfume brand sends his new product to retailers, he sends a few bottles as testers are sample. If you go to buy a perfume, you will see them on the shop counter. You can try the product before buying it. Although in certain circumstances you can buy the perfume testers from retailers, it is difficult leaving them for testing by potential buyers is their purpose and retailers do not want to give them away.

Nevertheless, testers can be bought at very cheaper rates, since they are without packaging and branding and do not include that cost in the total price. Online fragrance consumers sites and websites like offer these testers for sale to consumers. You can directly from them if you are looking for buying perfume at a lower price.


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    You can buy perfume testers from The website offers testers from various brands and you can buy any perfume of any particular brand on the site at a considerable lower price. The stock includes brands for men and women and the process is not that time consuming.

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    Online Fragrance Selling Sites

    The websites like or offer a whole range of perfume testers to consumers. The range includes brands for men and women, and you can buy one of your choice at a discount rate, and get it directly delivered at your address.

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    Perfume Stores Websites

    You can also check websites of all major perfume stores to find if they have perfume testers in the range of brands they are displaying to sell. Some times you are lucky to find one of your choice at a cheaper price.

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    Check With Stores Counters

    You may also visit local perfume stores. Often manufacturers send them more than a few testing perfume bottles and they can sell from the extra stock to consumers. You can get paid off by such a visit if you have a contact i.e. a staff in the store. They generally know if the store has any testing perfume in extra that are going to be sole at discount rates.

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