How to Make Perfumes Last On Your Skin

Perfumes are one among the greatest secret weapons of human. The appealing and tempting fragrances of perfumes provide you wearer with an inexplicable and enigmatic air that instantly grabs attention. The selection of perfumes shows your taste and personality. You might have noticed that everyday your wear perfume, not matter how classy, the scent quickly penetrates into the air and therefore doesn’t stay as long as your want it. However, solutions are available to make perfumes last on your skin. They are simple to adopt and successfully rock the environment around you all-day and all-night.


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    First of all make sure that your skin neat, clear and free from odour. The best time to apply perform is right after shower once you wipe your body dry when your body is moisturized and the skin pores are all open.

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    Layering the perfume helps in giving long-lasting effects. For this purpose, take a shower with fine quality soap, shampoo and conditioner of same fragrance. Wipe your body dry with clean towel and then apply fragranced body lotion and top it with your favourite talc. Now apply perfume and enjoy its fragrance for longer period of time.

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    The application of perfume to the pulse points of the body helps in lasting for long. Back of ankles, behind the ears, base of the throat, temples, wrists, cleavage, bend of elbow, and the back of knees are the pulse points. They secrete heat, helping in releasing the scent of your perfume time to time.

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    Do not rub the pulse points, especially wrists, once you apply the perfume as it breaks the molecules of the cologne, wiping away its fragrance.

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    You can also make your perfume’s scent last longer by applying a thin layer of Shea butter, Virgin Olive oil, or petroleum jelly to your pulse points, right before wearing perfume.

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    Spray your hair-brush with your favourite perfume and run it through your hair several time. The fragrance breaks in into the roots of your hair, lasting longer that it would be on your skin.

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    Last but not the least; apply perfume properly. Hold the perfume bottle at about 12-inches away from your body, with its opening towards you, and spray it towards your body. Now it will create an aromatic cloud all around your body and then it will thin out to all parts of your body within few seconds, lasting longer.

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