How to Keep Perfume Bottle Fresh

Perfume is a quintessential gift item, and can be among an individual’s most treasured possessions. However, the perfume is liable to lose its potency overtime, with the ornate bottle outlasting the scent. While there is no way to keep a perfume smelling fresh and strong forever, there are certain methods you can employ to increase a perfume’s longevity – handled carefully and stored properly, a good perfume will last around a year, while a phenomenal fragrance will remain fresh for three to five years.

Things Required:

– Cotton balls
– Alcohol


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    Do not allow your perfume bottles to be exposed to any sort of light – sunlight can be the most damaging when it comes to dulling a perfume’s scent and freshness. For this reason, it is important to keep your perfumes in a drawer, a box, or a closet – anywhere as long as it is dark. In relation to this, keep in mind that bottles made of dark or opaque glass will help keep the perfume fresher, while those in clear glass bottles will fade faster.

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    Perfume must always be stored at room temperature – extreme heat or extreme cold will only hasten the scent’s demise, as they will disturb the chemicals in the perfume. For this purpose, do not keep your perfume bottles in the bathroom, where exposure to extreme heat and humidity is likely.

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    Splash-style perfume bottles need to be kept tightly closed at all times, to keep their alcohol content from evaporating, and robbing the perfume of its scent. If you are looking for something more long-lasting, try investing in a spray bottle perfume – this will stay fresh for longer.

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    Do not allow your skin to contaminate the contents of a perfume bottle, as this will lessen its potency. Do not touch applicators, stoppers, or anything that goes inside the bottle. Instead, touch only the rim of the bottle, and if it is splash-style, use a cotton ball for dabbing it onto your skin.

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    Finally, when the perfume eventually loses its freshness, do not despair. Try freshening it up again by dipping a cotton ball into some alcohol, and dabbing the top of the perfume bottle with this gently – do not let any alcohol get into the actual perfume though. Allow it to air dry, and see if this revives the scent. However, if it is well and truly gone, you can use it as a scent for lotions, shampoos, and even potpourris.

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